7 Vlogging and Content Creation Tips for Making Awesome Videos!

If pictures can say a thousand words, think about what a short video can depict! Nowadays, vlogging is the best way to make your special moments even more memorable and also share what you know or are passionate about with the world.

If you’re thinking about doing your own vlog but don’t know how to make the best of it without any prior experience, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll walk you through the basic tips and tricks for vlogging so you can create awesome videos.

1- Refrain from Filming Everything

The first tip for vlogging is to refrain from filming everything and concentrate on the happening events that you want to showcase. Whether you are doing a cooking vlog, travel vlog, tutorial or even a music vlog. There are two main reasons for this. One - most of your video clips will eventually end up in the recycle bin once you start sorting the quality clips for your vlog. Second - if you stay glued to your camera making videos, you wouldn’t have any time left to take in the moments you’re creating. It will lack the interactive feeling that most of us look for in a vlog and you may even miss what is going on around you while filming (including various mishaps!)

2- Script your Videos

It’s always best to create a script that inlcudes the main “scenes” of your vlog-to-be. This is improtant for many reasons including structure, rehearsal and the obvious: avoiding sudden loss of words. The most basic structure of your script should include “Problem”, “Solution”, “CTA” (Call to Action), although there’s various ways these can be (sub)divided, depending on your needs and audience. You can find out more about creating video scripts here. It is as important to rehearse the script and make sure that the delivery is natural and smooth.

3- Make Succinct Videos

Keeping your videos short, ideally under three minutes, is best if you don’t want to make a vlog that will lose people’s interest halfway. Make sure you pass your message and main idea of your vlog in the first 30 seconds, as the peak of interest is within those moments. Depending on your content, duration of videos can vary between 3-12 minutes, but if you are just starting out and haven’t found your audience yet, it’s best to keep it ad minimum.

4- Don’t Hide the Personal Elements

Vlogs are supposed to be personal, which is why you have to show more of yourself in the video clips and not be shy about it. Think of the camera as your friend so that it’s easier for you to talk to the camera and smile more naturally. It’s always good to do rehershal shots to check the angles, camera focus and lighting. You don’t want your video to be ruined by having the camera focus on a random object and not on you!

5- Engage with Other People

Many vloggers make a habit of delivering a very straighforward video, without any interruptions or audience aknowledgement, other than greeting them in the beginning and the CTA at the very end. However, that doesn’t include any engaging factor for the audience. To up your vlogging game, you should try interacting with them. For example, you can ask a yes-or-no or a single statement question so that it doesn’t take out that much of your vlog time and remember you don’t need to look like or always appear like an expert or company employee. It’s a vlog, not an office and certainly not a news report.

6- Add Subtitles

A big amount of the audience may be hard of hearing, the majority of Facebook and other media videos are watched on mute, both at home and outside of home, viewers will be more easily engaged with subtitles. Even native speakers of the main language of your video and of course, non-native speakers will have a much easier time understanding you. In general, videos with subtitles are able to generate much more CTA click-throughs.

7- Invest in Editing Software

Most of the work for your vlog will be done once you finish shooting. You will edit sound, image, shots, background music, add subtitles and many more. Firstly, you need to ensure you have a good editing software, be it free or paid. It’s a great tool for montage, adding to or retouching your shots. Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier, Grass Valley EDIUS and Avid Media Composer are some of the top editors available. HitFilm Express is free and you can find out more about low-price or free video editing software here.

Try out these seven vlogging tips to give your videos a professional, sleek, yet personal touch! And don’t forget, Skyline Gen-9 Wireless Portable Monitor is your vlogging best friend if you want to look at yourself in bigger screen while shooting, or be free of cables while shooting.

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