Are Home Printers Making a Comeback?

It was a while ago, but most of us remember the time when home printers were an integral part of the home office dynamic. It might have got you through school, university, or even when you were applying for jobs. However, as the workplace printers advanced in their features and functionality, many home printers became artifacts, gathering dust with empty cartridges.

Fast forward to 2021, and we’re watching the narrative changing as people are beginning to furnish their ultra-modern home offices with equally revamped home printers. There’s more than just one reason why printers are making a comeback this year. However, the key link between each of the causes is COVID-19.

This pandemic has forced us to make a long list of changes in our lives in the past year. And because most of them aren’t something we could’ve anticipated, let alone prepared for, we had to make a few adjustments to make our lives relatively easier. The comeback of home printers is one of those transitions, assisting us throughout our studies and jobs conveniently in these unprecedented times.

If you’re wondering whether you should be investing in a home printer as well, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll walk you through the top four valid reasons to get a home printer in 2021!

1- Unpredictability for Office Printing

Have you always relied on your office printers to get the job done because it’s an elite model waiting for you to get back to the office? In that case, it’s time to reconcile with the fact that it might be a long time until you can use those printers again, given the current circumstances. Moreover, even if workplaces start to reopen, you might not get printer privileges as you did before due to a strict budget. This unpredictability is the most prominent reason why purchasing a home printer is a good option at the time. 

2- A Self-Reliant Workspace at Home

2020 has shown us the glaring need to have a personal workspace set up. When the COVID-19 first hit us, many of the employees were lucky enough to have a laptop or desktop system to their name for setting up their home office. However, even that isn’t enough to get the job done when you lack other essential resources. Switching between screens to get back to important documents is a headache that has led several people to get a home printer and create a self-reliant workspace.

3- Remote Productivity

Home printers have significantly advanced these days, as they can now connect to your Wi-Fi network and do the work remotely for you. Mobile printing is another great feature that saves you a lot of time and effort, getting your job done way more quickly than you did at your office.

4- Tax-Claimable

Lastly, if you aren’t too sure about investing in a home printer due to high costs, that’s not a thing to worry about now. The home printer is considered a taxable item if you’re setting it up to support the work-from-home environment. Even the Wi-Fi you’re using to connect with your printer is claimable during this period.

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