Best Mobile Phone Game Genres

There is no doubt everybody needs a getaway from a tiring work schedule. There is no better and convenient way than indulging in some fun and interactive mobile phone games. To save you from the hassle, we have created a rundown of the best mobile phone game genres to play on iPhone or Android phone and enjoy hours of non-stop gameplay.

Are you ready for some fun? Then let’s get started.

· Action/Battle Royale

This genre is equally popular on mobile phones as in the PC games and consoles sector. It’s a top-rated genre by young professionals and students because it puts the player at the center of the scene, motivating you to get past any challenge that comes your way. Moreover, action or battle royale games also test your reflexes and wits, thus taking all the stress and fatigue away. Some of the must-play action games are PUBG Mobile, Shadowgun Legends, Brothers in Arms, and Call of Duty. 

· Adventure

This category made it to our list because adventure games offer a wide variety of user experiences. It is an intriguing mix of problem-solving and reflex testing. Adventure is a genre that will put you in exciting situations and take you to interesting places. 

However, this genre's pace is slow compared to action games because these games are more focused on engagement and entertainment than competition or combat. Adventure mobile phone game genre is bound to hook you as it takes you into the virtual world where you become a modern-day Sherlock Holmes or a paranormal investigator. Through these games, you will be engaged in solving mysteries, puzzles, and problems challenging your mind and imagination. Some recommended games from this genre are 80 days, The Room—Old sins, and Rusty Lake.

· Multiplayer Battle Arena 

Popularly known as MoBAs, these games are addictive and loved by people of all ages, especially young people between 18 and 25. These games are a mix of real-time strategy and action games. If you haven’t played such games yet, then you must give it a try. MOBA games give user’s control over one character or the hero. Then you get to choose from a list of champions, each with its skill-set. In a multiplayer battle arena game, you can have warriors, knights, mages, and mechs. But more importantly, in these games, you have a ban system. It allows you to ban the counters to the champions; thus, your enemy can’t pick your team.

The top three multiplayer battle arena games on phones and tablets are Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, and Vainglory. So, explore games from these genres on your mobile phones to relax from a long tiring day.

For optimal gaming experience solo or multiplayer, connect your phone to your portable monitor.

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