Spark Creativity—Why You Shouldn't Hesitate to Start a Business in Your Early 20s?

It’s said ''Dream big,'' and we couldn't agree more. If you aspire to make your riches and built a multi-billion empire one day, then start now, even if you're only in your 20's. If you're in your early or late '20s, don't hesitate to leap. Strive to become an entrepreneur now because you are never too young to run your own business.

Age is only a Number—Start a Business in Your 20's

Did you know that:

  • Mark Zuckerberg was 19 years old when he launched Facebook, and today he is worth 61.7 billion USD and continues to progress.  
  • Pete Cashmore, the CEO of the top blog Mashable, was 20 when he founded it.
  • Catherine Cook, the Creator of, came up with this amazing idea and worked on it when she was only 15 years of age.

All these entrepreneurs are running successful businesses, and it proves that if you have a business idea and the desire to succeed, you shouldn't hold back. Strive for it to experience success.

Here are more great reasons why you shouldn't hesitate to start a business at an early age:


When you are young, you are more adaptable and flexible to change. Part of the reason is that you have been exposed to the professional world's rules and norms less than those who have been in the industry for the longest time as an employee or self-employed. Thus, when you are young, you can adapt to changes around you, for example, technological disruptions frequently. As you continue to embrace and upgrade your business landscape with new technologies, it will give you the edge that you need to survive, thrive, and compete successfully. You stand a better chance to prosper. Not to mention that when younger, you are more adept in what is trending, have freshly aquired knowledge from studies or work. As human brain has freshly stabilized neurons in the early 20s, it is almost at its most flexible stage, so ideas can come into fruition in amazing speed.

Higher Risk Tolerance

A new business requires up-front investment. This is both in terms of money and time. And that is what keeps some young individuals with great business ideas from venturing out early. However, yes indeed, you will bear a high risk in your finances and backup career, but let's not forget that younger individuals can bear this risk with high tolerance. Wondering how?

If you start a business in your early 20's, you will likely have fewer commitments and responsibilities. And do you know what that means? You will have much more time to invest in your business's success, focus better and even make up for the losses (if and any that you incur along the way). In other words, starting early truly helps young entrepreneurs mitigate potential business losses and set on the road to success at full throttle.

Greater Chance of Serial Entrepreneurship  

Many entrepreneurs start multiple businesses with time. And let's say when you launch a business in your 20’s, it will set you up for starting even more business ventures in the future. You will plenty of time and your wealth to diversify, grow and expand into new areas. Thus, you can greatly increase the number of businesses. So don't throw away this potential by waiting till you hit your 30's or 40's. There are also many more chances and funding possibilities available around the world for youth between 18 to 35 years of age.

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