Top 4 Tech Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family

Surprising your loved ones with the best holiday gifts, whether they are for Christmas or New Year’s, is not an easy feat. However, now that there are several great tech accessories readily available in the market these days, your present picking duty has gotten significantly easier.

Here are our top four picks for tech holiday gifts that you can give to the whole family without having any second thoughts!

1- Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

This is one of the best presents you can choose for a family that loves catching sweet memories behind the lens to experience the unmistakable hit of nostalgia! The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is a simple-to-use instant photography camera that automatically adjusts the focus and exposure in different settings, giving you lovely prints at the scene. Its auto-adjustable lens also offers a better close-up and selfie mode for taking soft-focus pictures. Plus, the pocket-size accessory makes it a perfect Christmas stocking filler!

2- AeroGarden Bounty Elite

If you’re looking for something tech-savvy that your mother can appreciate to no end, then your ultimate choice would be to pick out the AeroGarden Bounty Elite with a gourmet herb seed pod kit. Nothing can be as fulfilling as using your own fresh supply of ingredients directly from your indoor garden. This tech holiday gift will allow you to grow salad greens, vegetables, flowers, and a variety of some big harvests indoors all year round. Plus, you can control the water, and light features through any Wi-Fi enabled device. 

3- Kiperline Skyline Wireless Portable Monitor

The Kiperline Skyline Gen-9 Wireless Portable Monitor is another one of the best tech holiday gifts you can pick for the whole family. It is a 15.6” portable screen with HDMI and USB-C type ports that you can easily connect wirelessly to your phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, Xbox, PS4/5, and Nintendo Switch. Moreover, it features an impressive saturated glossy screen with several settings so that you can adjust the monitor with optimal eye comfort. And to top it off, the Skyline Gen-9 can be attached to any VESA surface for wall mounting t adequate space consumption!

4- Nanoleaf Shapes

You might already be familiar with smart light bulbs, but the Nanoleaf Shapes brings a whole new level to lighting up your home with bursts of transitioning colors. These spectacular kits were originally available in hexagon-shaped panel pieces, but you can now shop for them in other shapes, including triangular and mini triangular kits. The various pieces can be attached, as if creating your own puzzle, or you can make an abstract pattern throughout your room to add a bit more mysterey to it. After setting them up, you can set the right mood with an array of colors or allow the lights to change automatically based on the type of music you’re playing at the time. 

These four tech holiday gifts are the most epic picks you can easily get your hands on and surprise your whole family with this season!

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