What is a Wireless Monitor—What’s the Hype?

Wireless monitors are growing in popularity. From students to business owners and employees, everyone is raving about it. This has made many people (who still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon) think about whether a portable monitor is a fad or here to stay? What’s the hype all about? If you, too, are wondering the same, then read on to find out.

What is a Wireless Monitor?

The wireless monitor is becoming quickly prevalent and a standard infrastructure for classrooms and meeting rooms worldwide. As the name suggests, a portable monitor is a portable device that cuts back on wires and gives you versatile connectivity with a wireless projection option. 

It gives users the power to connect the monitor with any cable-free device, thus bridging a connection with the laptop/computer or phone to display content and videos.

What’s the Hype?

There are tons of reasons behind the massive popularity of and ongoing demand for wireless monitors. These are: 

· Share Information Freely

By making displays quick and wirelessly accessible, a wireless monitor like Kiperline’s Skyline Gen-9 empowers participating in a meeting to share information naturally and freely, thereby leading to improved meeting productivity and results. 

· Productivity Focused

A wireless monitor is designed for functionality and performance. And this is evident from the fact that businesses are using it across industries and educational institutions alike. It’s a productivity-focused devise that supports a wide range of content such as presentations, business applications, and user devices like android, Apple and Windows.

· Cultivating the Culture of Perpetual Engagement

As the world adapts to the on-the-go culture, we are now moving towards a perpetual engagement culture. Thus, as a result, the conventional broadcast modes of display that supported the only one-directional flow of information has now become obsolete and old-fashioned. It has now been replaced by the wireless display paradigm, which is both accessible and shared by multiple people for a more engaging and interactive experience like never before. 

For example, Kiperline frameless and wireless monitor screen gives users the power and the flexibility to adjust and exploit the display size in all its capacity, enriching social experiences. 

However, what makes Kiperline an innovation and one of its kind are features like immersive display, light-weight and slim design, eye comfort, blue light control, built-in speakers, crisp colors and more. It’s innovation at its best. Browse through our product page to learn more and pre-order. Experience the difference in portability, performance and productivity. Whether you’re a student or a professional, the Kiperline wireless monitor is worth the investment.

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