Kiperline Warranty Information: As per Kiperline’s Regulations Warranty Period for this Product is Two (2) Years Upon Product Arrival. Should you wish to have your monitor repaired, you can send it to our Warehouse. Please contact Kiperline's Customer Service to know more. onlineservice@kiperline.com.

Exclusions from this limited Warranty Service:

Warranty Exclusions

Please read the warranty terms below carefully, and follow the user manual and precautionary notes. Please keep this manual for future reference. We do not warrantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of this product. The warranty only covers failure/malfunction under normal use conditions during warranty period. The warranty does not apply to the following conditions:
  • It can't be identified.
  • This product has been modified, disassembled, or refitted.
  • Display function working normally; variation in appearance (i.e., ageing, attrition, scratch, color changing and etc.).
  • Any breakdown caused by power supply, (i.e., inputting power over 5V or unsteady current)
  • Any damage caused by disoperation or failure to follow this manual (i.e., plug or unplug the cable in wrong direction and causing damage on cable or monitor).
  • Any damage caused by hitting or cracking monitor accidentally or purposely, or collapsing or overturning monitor.
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